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In the following please find some recommendations:

    Jean-François Martin, VP Sales and MarketingMichael LePelley
  • I have been working with Michael at Zodiac Data Systems. Michael has all marketing skills in order to help you in developping your sales according to your strategy. Michael takes benefit of his long experience in Army and in industry to apply right methods. Michael focusses on the objectives and doesn't loose himself in details . It was a pleasure for me to work with Michael until I left Zodiac.
  • Michael joined ZDS Germany to head up the Sales Department, it is a credit to his interpersonal and motivational skills that he was able to implement new strategies and approaches with a team of staff and a distributor network that were well established and been working together for some considerable time. Michael’s ability to get thing done when others could not see a resolution was impressive. On a personal note during the two years we worked together I can say Michael earnt my trust and respect, both professionally and personally, something that cannot be demanded nor purchased.
    Michael LePelley, Managing Director
    Photo-Sonics International Ltd
  • During his work at Zodiac Data Systems GmbH (I belonged to his team), Michael proved to be an outstanding professional, both regarding the execution of own tasks and concerning the development of his subordinates, acting as a mentor and adviser. His analytical approach towards problem solving, accompanied by a good portion of experience, consistently lead to taking decisions with a very solid foundation, consequently leading to success. Michael distinguishes himself by an exceptional capacity to disentangle complex information in such a way that a clear structure becomes apparent, facilitating a bird’s eye view of things. Personally, I also enjoyed working with him due to his refreshing wit as well as his constructive, positive, resilient and motivating nature. I don’t hesitate to recommend Michael to any potential employer, colleague or subordinate. He is undoubtedly a great asset to my professional network.
  • I worked for Michael 2 years long and would like to recommend his competences as a Department Leader and Head of Sales. Humanly speaking Michael has all attributes of a leader: Patience, the ability to listen and the mind-set of an advisor. He is a very talented person with deep sales and organizational skills. He improved strongly and sustained the efficiency of our department through new administration and sales processes. He has the ability to motivate his team, understand the individual potential of each staff and get the best out of his employees.
    Pascal Morel, Sales Manager
    Zodiac Data Systems
  • Have risen from the ranks Michael had to exhibit natural aptitude in order to take on the product marketing and strategic marketing functions PLATH asked him to address. I found that Michael 'gets it' in a strategic marketing context and can connect that back to the product marketing requirements where he brings his previous direct end market experience and audience knowledge and understanding to bear to meet their EW system requirements
  • Michael is a professional pur-sang, with his no-nonsense attitude, his sound technical background and his broad experience in electronic Defence he is really a joy to work with. Michael is keen about details without loosing sight of the bigger picture. Through the years he has build a solid reputation and is highly respected in the International Defence community by customers as well as his business partners. He truly embodies the statement “this man is an asset to the company he works for
  • I worked with Michael since he joined Plath 2004 till I left the company 2012. I experienced Michael as a very professional manager who sets high standards for his own performance and delivers to them. In this period, his work was of fundamental importance in the company development. He was a pioneer inside the company in many fields, for instance: introduction of a professional product management, where he set new processes, created a new department for product management and became Director Product Management and Marketing; introduction of a strategy process, becoming process owner in his role as Director PM&M; introduction of a pre-sales process by defining the roles and increasing the efficiency in the bid process. Also in the last topic he created a new department for pre-sales and became its first Director. Michael is a visionary manager with wide markt knowledge able to set a comprehensive strategy. He has outstanding communication and moderation skills and assumed an important role in the company in putting all managers on the same table to discuss topics and make decisions. It was a joy working together with Michael.
  • I have been working with Michael for some time and he is a positive and focussed individual who gets things done. He has excellent customer facing skills and is a pleasure to work with.
  • Michael was the lead in creating a highly successful series of workshops connected to our EW conferences. He is clearly well connected in his field and an exceptional operator. He is focused on delivering for his customers and is an excellent ambassador for his company.
    Alexander Giles, CEO