Critical Software provides systems and software services for safety, mission and business-critical applications, helping clients to meet the most demanding standards for performance and reliability. With expertise in the development and validation of defence and homeland security systems, the company works across all stages of system and software development. Their experience spans operational command and control systems, intelligence management systems, training and simulation systems, integrated logistics support systems and the condition-monitoring of infrastructures and vehicles. Critical Software works with major defence primes in several countries. The company has increased the efficiency of defence organisations by improving fleet readiness and significantly lowering the costs of owning and operating assets. It has also integrated strategic, tactical and operational systems to provide a common picture of the battlefield, from high command to the theatre of operations.


Embedded Software Development

We specialise in software architecture, system testing and the development and certification of embedded safety-critical applications to the most rigorous standards, such as Defence Standard 00-56, MIL-STD-499 and DO-178C.

Integrated Electronic Systems

With a track record working with some of the most demanding military organisations across the globe, we are recognised as a leading developer of C4ISR systems in the military sector.