Virtual City

A virtual city for Aerospace & Defence professionals, companies, associations and media
    1. Enhance reputation & image by using innovative sales channel to promote products & services
    2. Optimize employer branding and identify unexpected partners in a specialised environment
    3. Save travel costs and reduce environmental footprint by meeting without limit of space & time
    4. Profit from events in the neighbourhood

Business Features

get new employees at job centre
embed documents, videos and more
present company with showroom,office, meeting room,..
integrate conference tools
use chat for service & sales

Event Features

run webinars
perform hybrid events or secure your real events with a virtual safety network
use our convention centre
Eingang_ENC 2020
Lecture Hall

Education Features

use extended library as a source of information
apply for jobs at job centre
train yourself or your customers in the city university

Public Features

network in community chats/ cafés
contact private profile via mail (embedded social networks)
bar counter with chairs in empty comfortable restaurant at night