Product- and Corporate Marketing

As an SME you might not have the resources to maintain your own marketing department. External marketing agencies often do not understand the industry-specific needs of your customers.

This is where we come in: We support you by organizing events, creating new marketing materials or delivering communication campaigns.

We offer the following exemplary services:

  • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Planning and execution of events (trade shows, roadshows, conferences, etc.)
  • Designing and creating an internet presence (Website, Social Media, etc.)
  • Performing a needs analysis
  • Creation of Market Requirement Documents
  • Identifying Business Cases and Use Cases
  • Performing and evaluating FAB analysis
  • Identification of Unique Selling Propositions
  • Preparation of product-specific promotional material (brochures, advertisements, quotation texts, press releases, presentations, giveaways)

Pave the way. Create connections.

Here you can count on us:

  • Connecting manufacturer and user
  • Paving and implementing distribution channels (import, customs, etc.)
  • Maintenance and warranty
  • Training for product users
  • Realizing system integration

We will help you to place your products on the right track. As experts in the technical field of Electronic Warfare (EW) and Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI), we represent international companies in the EMEA-markets and distribute their products.

What makes us unique: Whether as agent, consultant or distributor – our approach is aimed at providing long term support based on transparency and mutual satisfaction. In our view, building relationships is more than filling contact lists.