The COMPLETER.NET-Team provides an in-depth understanding of industry-specific concerns and furthermore brings a combination of skills and a broad range of knowledge to its customers.

Out of these resultant synergies ensures real benefits to our customers.

Michael Niewöhner

Managing Director

As former officer at the German army, department manager and authorized officer with 20+ years of leadership experience, including 10+ years of experience in product management and marketing as well as 5+ years of international sales experience in system/ product business in the electrical engineering and aerospace sectors, the graduated economist Michael Niewöhner is an all -inclusive package for our customers. He is a distinguished lecturer in Leadership and Strategy and a recognized expert sales professional. Also, as graduated computer scientist, he has an aptitude in explaining highly complex technical issues to the end users and is a much sought-after speaker on the lecture circuit.
Responsible for Sales and Consulting

"Don't find fault, find a remedy.", Henry Ford

Jian Niewöhner

Commercial Director

With 13+ years’ experience in the sales, marketing and office management, including 8 years as Managing Directors right hand of a leading company in life-science, and as skilled medical technical assistant, Jian Niewöhner brings to the team expertise in the electronics industry and an ability to see the bigger picture. Her wealth of knowledge and structured approach are an invaluable benefit for the business. Customer projects benefit from her leadership and supportive manner. Her cultural understanding of the asian market serves as a door-opener for business relationships.
Responsible for Purchasing, Import, Export, Finance and Controlling